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Real Gym,
Real Goals,
Real Motivation


About us

We are unlike any other gym in the area. Every piece of equipment has been deliberately picked from the best brands, in order to give you maximum results. We are constantly updating to give you the best! We encourage heavy lifting. Push yourself until you fail. Grunt if you must. We encourage you to make healthy changes for a lifetime and to be confident in your healthy body.

Parallel Lines
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Quality Equipment

The atmosphere at Flex is one of the most motivating. As you step in the doors, you will automatically want to lift heavy, even on the days you aren't motivated. You can feel confident to flex in the mirror and be proud of the results of your hard work.

The culture of Flex is judge free and non-intimidating, no matter your fitness level. You will find the most supportive and encouraging gym family here.


We care about you and your fitness needs! If you want to be a part of a progressing, top quality, disciplined, like minded fitness journey then give us a call or text!


Membership & DAY PASS

$49.99: 12 Month Contract (auto renews yearly, early cancellation fee $300)

$64.99: Month to Month, no contract (minimum 3 months required).


*Add additional family member/spouse for $39.99 -12 month contract or $54.99- month to month


$15.00: Day Pass

*NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. DO NOT sign up for multiple memberships.


-For door entry you will receive an email after purchasing. Please read completely and download the app with the link provided in the email. There is no door code.



Strengthen and tone your body by letting one of our certified pros teach you proper form and progression. This will help to recomp, improve endurance, build muscle mass, rev up your metabolism and develop maximum strength.

Rice and Chicken

Nutrition Therapy

Nutritional therapy uses diet and nutrition as a tool to benefit your overall health. Modifying your diet, in addition to taking herbs and supplements, can benefit all aspects of your wellbeing – not just your weight. Not only can nutritional therapy help treat certain conditions, but it can also help keep them at bay. Before beginning therapy, we’ll provide you with a nutrition assessment. From there, we’ll develop your goals and create a treatment plan to achieve them.



Tara Hose

Tara Hose

Flex Fitness in North KC is a gym that anyone and everyone can go too. Whether you are a beginner in lifting or experienced, an athlete or a person who likes to stay healthy, they have all you need. The equipment is the best around! I have been to many gyms and you will be hard pressed to find one with owners who care more about their members and healthy and fitness! People say atmosphere makes the gym and this one has it! The members care about each other! Some will chat others won’t but everyone respects each other in their Strive for Heath and Fitness! If you want a place to call home away from home this is it! Thank you FLEX for being my safe place! (Even if it hurts😎)

Rene W.

Rene W.

This is the best gym in KC and beyond! If you want a motivating atmosphere with a gym family that supports you- sign up. There membership prices can’t be beat. They are open 24/7 and the best equipment around!! Sign up for the gym is super easy on their website. The trainers have the most expertise in the KC area and are willing to help you with goals, equipment usage, nutrition etc…If you want to progress and knock your fitness goals out then this is the place for you. Love it here and highly recommend!

Chanel Cox

Chanel Cox

I've been a member at Flex for the last 2 years. They are constantly improving and upgrading. From new location, new equipment almost monthly and even expanding the current space. The gym is locally owned and really has a family feel to it. Everyone is welcomed and there isn't any cliques which can be hard to find. The gym owners actually listen to members wants/needs and try their best to provide a great gym for us. The gym is always clean and the equipment is maintained. If any piece breaks within a couple of days its fixed. It's really wonderful to call this place home and its truly a gem.

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